Events are no more

We really appreciate tranquility, quietnes, to do work or just relax; events were the totally opposite of what we are aimiaiming for
because of that we NO MORE allow to have event in Casa Fitz, most people dont follow the rules, and we dont have the patience to go and ask our guest to do what was agreed, the pool always get relly bad absolutely every time, there is a no cotton cloths on the pool, there was any event in were this rule was followed, and this was one the best of the cases, there was cases that were absolutely worse, to the point that we need to empty the pool and refilled, something that any pool owner NEVER needs to do, almost every time there is something broken (only a couple exception) Some people smoke in the rooms, almos everybody want to check out late, etc. Most people who want to do a small event (only small events were allowed) dont want to play extra cleaning of the pool whenever they make it more dirty that normally, dont want to rent all the rooms because it is (was) required,
They dont accept they broke something during the event and dont want to pay for it.
And you know what, we understand some of that behavior, they want to party, they dont want to be in care of the pool, or the cleaning, or breaking something or wake up "early" top check out at 11am, but the fact that we understand it doesnt mean they can brake the rules.
We basicly need to not rent the day after (or two) since there is a loot of work todo, mostly because the pool. Kids are also no allowed, why? well, we dont have kinds our own, and we are still thinking about it. however, there will be expeption but that will be rare

Stay with us!